Building Your Wealth, Health and Happiness

Location: Peppers Resort, Noosa Heads March 16th – 18th 2019

Trading Mastery is a 3 Day Accelerated Learning Event for investors and traders who are committed to taking their wealth, health and happiness to the highest level possible. It is an unprecedented program that will build momentum in your life covering every aspect of successful Trading content you have every wished for plus programs on Nutrition, Health, Yoga, Meditation and Fitness to help you consistently be the best you can be. You will learn how to implement proven fundamental, technical, risk management, mindset and wellbeing strategies that will allow you to win big on a consistent basis.

Inside the Trading Mastery Workbook are the step by step systems, processes, strategies, rituals and habits you need to create meaningful profits and live a happy and healthy life. You will learn to implement the most effective trading methods that will suit your lifestyle and income desires. You will learn how to use the right tools so you can consistently follow a simple and highly profitable trading plan and daily routine. Applied correctly the coaching and training you will receive will set you apart and allow you to reach your highest earning potential faster and with less risk than you would trading alone. Trading Mastery will give you the framework to be build a low risk, high return income stream for wealth, health and happiness.

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Location: Peppers Resort, Noosa Heads March 16th – 18th 2019

Trading Mastery focuses on 5 Key Pillars.

1. Fundamental Analysis. The specific fundamental details of how currency markets work and how you can identify potentially big money-making trends before they develop.

2. Technical Analysis. How to properly read price action and profit from trading value propositions within big fundamental trends.

3. Risk Management. How to position size your trades so you avoid major draw downs and can leverage your account for accelerated growth on winning trades. You will learn how to win big & lose small.

4. Mindset. How to develop incredible discipline and focus so you can always remain clear, calm and decisive under pressure. The hallmarks of all successful traders.

5. Wellbeing. How to correctly look after your mind and body so you can make quality trading decisions on a consistent basis.

The Trading Mastery Program is in a league of its own and is for all traders who want an accelerated learning experience. You will learn how to apply the strategies and systems used by some of the world’s richest investment banks, hedge funds and wealthy private traders. On completion you will understand how to ride the coat tails of big money.

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Trading Mastery Schedule

Day 1
Sunrise – Andrew Barnett & Scott Flint
Welcome & Introduction – Ed Phillips & Andrew Barnett
The Keys to Fundamental Analysis – Andrew Barnett
Yoga – Alison Cherry Wood

Developing the Ultimate Trading Mindset – Andrew Barnett
Meditation – Garry Gorrow
Nutrition & Focus Food – Zoe Bingley-Pullin
Technical Analysis – Andrew Barnett

Day 2
Sunrise – Andrew Barnett
Welcome to Day 2 – Ed Phillips
Meditation – Garry Gorrow
Your Risk Management plan – Andrew Barnett

Nutrition and Focus Food – Zoe Bingley Pullin
Developing the Ultimate Trading Mindset – Andrew Barnett
Health & Fitness – Scott Flint
Technical Analysis – Andrew Barnett

Day 3
Sunrise – Andrew Barnett
Welcome to Day 3 – Ed Phillips
Yoga – Alison Cherry Wood
Understanding Fundamental Analysis – Andrew Barnett
Health & Fitness – Scott Flint

Risk Management – Andrew Barnett
Building Your Wealth, Health & Happiness Plan – Andrew Barnett
Your accountability post Trading Mastery – Andrew Barnett

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Fundamental Analysis.

  1. How to understand Fundamentals in financial markets?
  2. How to predict when Fundamental events will likely move prices?
  3. Why Interest rates impact currency values so greatly?
  4. How to read an Economic Calendar to see high impacting news items?
  5. Why it is important to know how to read and understand a Central Bank policy statement?
  6. How and why traders are constantly pricing in or out their future fundamental expectations?
  7. How to recognise and take advantage of this week’s fundamental theme in financial markets?
  8. What are geopolitical events and how do they influence currency values?
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Technical Analysis.

  1. How to read basic price action and recognise the psychology of the herd?
  2. How to identify a new trending direction and where to enter?
  3. Using a 200 EMA as a key support and resistance level.
  4. Recognising and trading impulse Waves in new trends.
  5. Reading fast moving Price Action around economic data numbers.
  6. Recognising high probability trend reversal signals.
  7. Why you should be very careful entering trades in the Asian trading session.
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Risk Management.

  1. Embracing the game of probability.
  2. Where to place your stop loss and still stay in the game.
  3. How to focus on a “series of trades” approach?
  4. How to leverage up a small account whilst still managing risk tightly?
  5. How to consistently place your profit targets so you give yourself every opportunity to win big?
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  1. Embracing random outcomes.
  2. How to avoid self-sabotage and remain clear, calm and decisive?
  3. How to learn the vital skill of “extreme discipline”?
  4. How to deal with the pressure you will feel on every trade?
  5. How to handle a string of losing trades and what to do next?
  6. Why the key to your success will be in your behaviour and not the technical or fundamental system you are using.
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  1. What foods can help us deal with the stress, pressure and anxiety that trading brings.
  2. How to use meditation to remain clear, calm and focused before, during and after trades.
  3. How to ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep so you can focus correctly?
  4. You will be asked to rate your physical ability to withstand a Low, Medium or High impacting wellness program. Based on your physical rating you will then be given a daily program to implement post the event.
  5. How to use Yoga to improve your balance and flexibility.
  6. What types of food fuels your focus.
  7. How to put together a set of daily rituals that lead to longer lasting health and happiness.
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Your new Wealth, Health and Trading Arsenal.

  • Within your Workbook you will have a check list for a daily fundamental routine so you are familiar with what is driving currency markets each day and what the major themes are across financial markets.
  • During Trading Mastery you will write a 6 month trading plan that you will be following post the 3 day event. Your trading plan will have a daily check list that should be completed before each new trade is taken. Your check list will step you into each trade ticking off the specific technical, fundamental and risk management structure points to ensure the trade meets the correct criteria and you can enter clear, calm and decisive.
  • You will be given instructions on how to hook up your trading account to FX Blue Live so you can immediately see the most important stats surrounding your trading performance each week.
  • Access to a private Ask Andrew Facebook Group where you can directly ask Andrew questions throughout the trading week.
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One of the world’s foremost Meditation Teachers.

Gary Gorrow is a Vedic Meditation Practitioner (Master Teacher). A Qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach. Mindfulness Expert. Founder and Director of the Conscious Club. Co-creator of Conscious Currency. He is also a highly sort after Consultant and High Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker and Social Entrepreneur. Gary will share with you meditation techniques to neutralise stress and anxiety, grow your mind to improve focus and alertness, improve your concentration and productivity and increase your happiness and optimism. To have Gary speaking at Trading Mastery is both an honour and thrill.

“Gary has made a huge impression on my life. He hasn’t just found an elegantly simple way of teaching meditation, Gary goes so much further with his philosophies of life and living. His words are so valuable that everyone should hear them”
Jamie Durie, Television Personality

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Alison Cherry-Wood is one of Noosa’s most respected Yoga practitioners. After retiring from corporate life Alison has now dedicate her life to teaching Yoga full time sharing the wonderful health benefits Yoga can have on your life. As we grow older and wiser our flexibility and balance often suffers and Alison will be sharing some simple Yoga techniques when incorporated into your weekly life will ensure you remain flexible and balanced both mentally and physically. Alison conducts weekly Yoga classes for the LTG GoldRock team who will enthusiastically endorse Alison’s teachings and the benefits they have enjoyed.

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With almost 2 decades in the fitness industry running Fitness Boxx on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Scott has helped hundreds of clients including champion athletes exceed their fitness goals and win. “I love seeing people take action, progress and smash their goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new mum getting back into the gym, or a 50+ person exercising for the first time ever, or World Class athlete crossing the line in 1st position  Just to see someone get started and make a difference to their life inspires me more than anything.”  Scott will help make health and fitness, fun, enjoyable and form part of your everyday lifestyle. Tailoring his exercise programs for all ages and ability levels, Scott makes health and fitness something you learn to love and can’t do without.

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Zoe is currently the co host of Channel 7’s House of Wellness and is passionate about food and has a self acclaimed love affair with food. Her passion for food has empowered her to help many people embrace the benefits of food through education.

By improving people’s knowledge and understanding of food, she believes they’re able to create and sustain a healthier and more delicious life and their very own love affair with food. Having spent the past 5 years as co-host of Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef and through regular appearances on Studio 10, Zoe values having the opportunity to share her food philosophy to the nation and motivate others to get excited about food.

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Trading Mastery Host

Trading Mastery MC – Ed Phillips

Ed is currently the host of The House of Wellness on Channel 7 and is a Sydney based Radio and TV personality. He has previously hosted some of Australia’s prime time radio slots on both AM and FM radio stations nationally as well as being a popular fixture on daytime TV as the live-cross man on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton. Ed also hosted Channel 9’s game show Temptation alongside Livinia Nixon. Ed will keep you entertained in between speakers with his friendly, lively and experienced talents and can’t wait to welcome you to Trading Mastery 2019.

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